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11 Jan, 2012 - Why don't they stop
Manly Tears
School doesn't start until next week.

Until then

I can't stop. I can't.

Five more. And then some inside jokes.Collapse )
11 Jan, 2012(no subject)
walking with riwane
SO UHHH In this art dump...let. Art dump..ling? Small art dump, Jim does sprite nonsense, colors someone elses thing and sketches two other things.

6 Jan, 2012 - It keeps happening
I can't stop

Someone stop me

Why can't I stop

There are... five more...Collapse )

I'm so very sorry.
4 Jan, 2012 - ARTWORMS
Good Color Job
Mesdames and Messrs,

In these cold and lonely days after the holidays, I felt we could all use some bright cheer, before our flight into Egypt Dreamwidth.

As such, I have put together a few choice items for your perusal. The first of which are a selection of touching Max and Rock comics, requested by Mlle. Toni in future payment for such glories as I cannot here explain, but which, should the Lord tarry, you shall all be subject at a time deemed both proper and just.

It's like Bob and George, only with less icecreamCollapse )

And then, dear gentle readers, I created Maximilian J. Powers in City of Heroes.

It is shockingly easy to create Max in this gameCollapse )

And then, dear reader, I remembered a certain something that certain others used to do. And so I decided that I would try it for myself. I received some help in this endeavor from Mesdames Toni, Alice, Katie, and Kiz, and also from M. Jeff.

The first, however, was wholly my own.Collapse )

I remain your ever humble,
Chris, M.A., B.A.
[Bulba] Scarf

Oh how they pound,

Raising the sound,

O'er hill and dale,

Telling their tale,

Gaily they ring

While people sing

Songs of good cheer

Christmas is here

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas!Collapse )
4 Dec, 2011(no subject)
[擬人化] cutesy face
i figured i'd clean out some shit i've had piling up in this folder i named "SBG ARTDUMP" and it's old so.

shit shit errywhereCollapse )
Hear me for I impart the truth
So we like to discuss cooking in chat. I thought we should put together a SBG cookbook!

Or something. Something akin to that.

So feel free to add your favorite stuff! Let the world know what you like to put in your piehole (may or may not include actual pie).

Here's something I made tonightCollapse )
3 Dec, 2011(no subject)
Hey kids!

Lizzi and I got together today and drew lots of SBG-related things for the world to see. :|

Show me more, sir!Collapse )
Hello my darling Smashers, how are you? Did the Americans amongst us have a lovely turkey day? I hope so! Did everyone else have a decent Thursday? I hope for that too! Today I bring you a little switch up in the way I am handling the Creative Theme submissions, hopefully to make things easy peasy for everybody. That's right, this is a....

Submissions Post!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with links to your submissions! Easy! So whenever you've got something done, you can just go ahead and plunk it down in here. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, these are due the 29th!

Also, if you feel so keen as to lend me your opinions: If you want a December creative theme, please comment and tell me so! If there is enough interest I will hold one, otherwise I am going to put the themes on a mini-hiatus due to Secret Santa busy times. So please let me know on this post!

Thank you ♥
7 Nov, 2011 - *barfs art dumps*
Facepalming at 4chan
You get the drill by now, mostly stuff I showed in chats and plurks. READY STEADY GO.
warning; i forgot to resize half of theseCollapse )
5 Nov, 2011 - POLL CLOSED
[Dude] Sophisticate
November's creative theme is… … …!

~ Suit Attire ~

  • Interpret the theme however you like! Pinstripes, zoot suit riots, a most professional line up of ladies and gents...

  • Art or fic! As little or as much as you want, as gen or as shippy as you desire. It can be a For Reals pinup, or it can just be an illustration. There's no requirement.

  • No seriously whatever you want. The important part is having fun!


Submissions will be due no later than November 29th.
Don't forget-- Don't post these! They'll all get posted later!
Submit any time before then to any of Bret's accounts!

Gogogo *ww*
[Poke] So High
Oh, did I say I'd get this up tomorrow? WHOOPS I'M EARLY. Have you checked out October's show case yet? Hop to it!! For those of you on the ball, let's do this.

+ One vote per mun!
+ The poll will close November 4th at 11:59 EST
+ If one is winning by a landslide and a majority of muns have already voted, I might close it earlier.

Poll and some ideas under the cut!Collapse )
24 Oct, 2011 - Yo
Yo, Dawg, I heard you like biceps, so I put biceps in yo biceps so you can flex while you flex.

What is this evenCollapse )
⌚ My story lives through the hearts
One day I'll draw other characters.
Jesus this is big
Hes going for speedCollapse )
16 Oct, 2011 - Psst!
[WHAT] And I raaaan I ran so far awaaaay
Just a reminder! This month's creative theme is due by October 30th!

Everybody send me all of your beautiful things *3*(\
10 Oct, 2011 - Artchives Artchives~
Dearest Ladies and Gentlemans hello.

This evening I do not bring you ladder games but I should or monthly themes or mountains of doodles, but instead a blatant copy paste of the last time I wrote this entry reminder! How many of you remember there's an art archive? … Yes, exactly, we do and it is spiffy and neat and everyone should come play.

It is over this way my dears.

For everyone new to the game, this is an archive! Of art! Because as you might have noticed, we have a huge crew of talented lads and ladies and we've accumulated a lot of pictures over the years. It is very handy for looking up references, and you could theoretically substitute it as an image upload place if you wanted.




If you need any help or you misfire something or whatever, please don't hesitate to let me know! I am here to help! *u*b This goes for reseting your password if you've forgotten it as well~

Please comment here if you need your account activated or an album!
Alt. title: Why Saff should never write fics. Part 2 is where I post random words that I tried to bind together as a small ficlet.

Characters: Chika and Green
Rating: PG
Notes: For Kizzy in the song meme, based on FPM's Honolulu Calcutta.

I can hear the in-flight voices, it's time to take off.Collapse )

Characters: Chika and Samus
Rating: PG
Notes: For Kat Planet in the song meme, based on a Vocaloid song called [It's not] World's End.

Ah, you should be smiling happily foreverCollapse )

Characters: Chika BF and Agitha
Rating: PG
Notes: For Mako in the song meme, based on the live version of P3Fes' intro music. Contains spoiler's for P3's Hangedman S.Link, you've been warned.

Windless night; moonlight melts.Collapse )

Characters: Pete and Caim
Rating: G
Notes: For Mako in the song meme, based on FPM's You Must Learn All Night Long.

Hey, HEY-!Collapse )

Characters: Chika and Sonny Moe
Rating: G
Notes: For Jim in the song meme, based on capsule's MUSIXXX.

M U S I, M U S I, M U S I X X XCollapse )

Characters: Pete and Ron
Rating: G
Notes: For Emily in the song meme, based on POLYSIC's Kaja Kaja Guu.


Characters: BF and Kirby
Rating: G
Notes: For Iyo in the song meme, based on capsule's Kami-sama no Utagoe. Yeah no link, and I'm pretty sure my fic doesn't have anything to do with the song but welp.

Kamiiii-samaa no utagoe~Collapse )

Characters: Red
Rating: T?
Notes: The saga of Tonism peens continues. Yep, another Pokesona, based on the very beginning of the game, so no spoilers

No lyrics or anything music so, curse you ToniCollapse )
6 Oct, 2011 - POLL CLOSED
[Dude] Oh my god... *o*
October's creative theme is… … …!

'` Candy Mountain! '`

  • Interpret the theme however you like! Characters discovering a giant mound of candy, a flood of trick or treaters, someone redefining the role of candy man, whatever!

  • Art or fic! As little or as much as you want, as gen or as shippy as you desire. It can be a For Reals pinup, or it can just be an illustration. There's no requirement.

  • No seriously whatever you want. The important part is having fun!

Submissions will be due no later than October 30th.
Don't forget-- Don't post these! They'll all get posted later!
Submit any time before then to any of Bret's accounts!

Gogogo *ww*
Bare Chest
Some time ago, Toni approached me with the desire to do an MS Paint log. Because. I draw MS Paints. And she draws well. It seemed like a match made in some sort of celestial realm of the deceased.

What follows is the fruits of our labors over the course of a week.

If you are all exceedingly lucky this will never happen again.

Toni's only statement about the following is: "I'm sorry about everything."

Her sentiments are shared by myself.

Behold, the Creative Post of OMG, which taketh away the sanity of the worldCollapse )
1 Oct, 2011 - Many Arts
[calm] a goddess of the sand
Okay. I was originally going to post this last night, but I got caught up in tags.
The following is a dump of art that I've had around since the end of August.

Some of you guys have seen it in chat or some pieces on Plurk, but hopefully there's some new stuff for you as well.

It's somewhat image heavy. ;3; Sorry!

There's some NSFW in here.Collapse )

1 Oct, 2011 - OCTOBERRRRR
[Poke] I picked you a flower
It's October! Along with new WOTMs in random (I'm not sorry btw), it's time to pick this month's creative theme!

+ One vote per mun!
+ The poll will close October 5th at 11:59 EST
+ If one is winning by a landslide and a majority of muns have already voted, I might close it earlier.

Poll #1783111 October Theme!
This poll is closed.

Pick one if you daaaare

Ghosts and Ghouls
Taste of Fall
Candy Mountain

You can interpret these however you want! (Perhaps for Ghosts and Ghouls you'd design your dude as a ghost of your choice. Boos are pretty frequent... Candy Mountain doesn't necessarily have to be a mountain. Trick or Treater hoardes...) Be creative!

Just as a note, these don't actually have to be pinups. Your regular illustrations work too. And fics. Nom nom fics. Just have fun *w*
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